Everything you need to know about Dom Mazzotta Vs. A.j McKee:

This Friday night, local hero and regional standout steps pretty far up the ladder to take on contender and all around talent AJ Mckee on the Bellator main card featured on Spike.   I have fell out of love with writing but Mazzotta is a close friend of mine and someone who I have watched grow as a person and destroy as a fighter since his amateur days so I figured why not dust off the old laptop and put something together for you mostly ungrateful fucks.  It's also noteworthy that Bellator has been pushing Mazzotta alot on their end and in some ways is making him one of the more hyped additions in recent memory.

Here’s what you need to know:

  • Time: Friday 9:00 PM

  • Channel: Spike

  • Opponent:  Aj Mckee (7-0)  Last fight

In a nutshell:  McKee is a rough match up for anyone let alone a debutante but Mazzotta has been waltzing through anyone within 500 miles and 15 pounds of this great state.  These type of match ups are eventually inevitable; the dead even kind.   If you watch any random McKee performance you’ll note that he’s what you call “pretty fucking good” -  “I don’t know much about this MMA stuff bro but that kid Dom is fighting looks pretty fucking good”.

“Dude, bro you remember that time he choked that kid down Cheswick at the Mason’s or whatever?”  

“Dude, remember when he kicked that guy in the face and you yelled “In the faccccceeee” and you could here it on the video?”

“Dude, bro did you know Dom used to rap?”

I could seriously waste your time with these all day.

Here are some of the more obvious problems Aj Mckee poses:

  • He’s taller and heavier - 5’10” and fights at 145 which is on the top end of the spectrum weight wise in Mazzotta’s career.
  • He’s good at using his range. - This is mostly done with long kicks.
  • He’s fast enough that he’s not easy to time. Tall guys have to be fast to wrangle the reach back in so the odds of countering become even less.
  • He has prior Bellator experience - Some of his opposition was lackluster so this might be a stretch.
  • He’s on a role. - Trust me, this matters.
  • Technically he fights a weight class up- even though you guys are used to seeing Dom compete basically wherever and at whatever weight, once you get out into the national talent pool weight matters.  Especially in a grinding, wrestling heavy fight to the death.

If it sounds like a steep hill, you’re smarter than I’ve given you credit for.  Sorry for doubting you it’s just that I have Facebook too and I read these posts and well.. Nevermind.   Now, I am going to get relatively technical with this and I know most of you don’t love reading so if technical analysis isn’t your thing, you can check out now.  But before you go, Dom should win this match up.  Alright? Cool, I’ll see you guys in a few months. Maybe.

For the rest of you who like to think about these things on a more specific technical level here’s what I’ve noticed.   At first glance (and maybe even second) McKee looks like a tough match up for our local stalwart.   Get passed all the smooth technique and fast reflexes for a second and you’ll notice a guy who has used a couple physical attributes to his benefit but has some serious technical holes in his approach.   

Here they are in no particular order:

Over Commitment - one of my favorites as a coach - He tends to over commit to every punch, kick, takedown and movement especially when coming forward.   This means that his momentum is usually putting him in a place where he has to complete whatever action he is doing before he gets a chance to react.  That includes defensive techniques or changing a strikes trajectory etc.   Think of it as legally marrying the first person you’ve met on the internet ten minutes after meeting them in the standard designated public safe space, like the police station or the court house.  You hop right into their daddy issues, poor self image and rampant drug use head first, while leaving yourself with zero outs.  It’s kinda like that except for Mckee it could be over faster than the typical tinder love story.

He works off of a predictable rhythm -  This is common with most people who are still learning the striking arts.   A good trainer gets you on a rhythm for a few years to easily build in mechanical sequences and then eventually teaches you how and when to throw off that beat.   Mckee is still in that predictable phase because he really hasn’t been forced to change it yet.  The majority of strikers in MMA (aside from a few stand outs) would be considered rudimentary in the other striking based sports like boxing or kickboxing which means there are alot of answers to this problem, we just haven’t see it yet because the guys he has fought so far aren’t good enough.  

Dive bombs from too far out McKee’s range is great.  It keeps his opponent outside their respective range while being shelled with relatively hard kicks during which he comfortably sits back and waits for new openings.   Here’s the thing though, eventually he needs to come forward too and he often does it from the wrong distance.  Seems small right?  He has been hit with jump knees when diving in off of a takedown attempt that was too far out, multiple times already in his career.  Over committing from too far out means that Dominic will have more time to see the shot open up and pick the best tool for the job.  McKee also tends to dive for takedowns when in trouble and sometimes that can be literally the worst auto pilot move you can select. “oh shit, I’m in trouble let me dive head first at his legs from back here, what could go wrong?”

Real Talk:  This one will not be easy but in my mostly biased opinion, Mazzotta -physical discrepancies aside- has a great opportunity to upset McKee here.  McKee will take a few chances in an effort to create an opening and it will eventually lead to the end of the fight.  My guess is that Dom wings him with a hard shot while he’s coming in, Mckee forces a takedown and ends up in a bad position on the ground with a very talented, very aggressive jiu jitsu black belt who has choked more than a few guys the fuck out.  That's the technical term for the kids. 

I could be wrong but we all know that I’m usually not.  

Dominic is just another example of the level of athlete this area produces.  I am proud and lucky to have worked with him in my career as a promoter and his moving onward and upward is one of my crowning achievements in combat sports.  

Dom Mazzotta Offers To Face Bill Hutchinson In This Weekend's Main Event:

So today I watched this video on Reddit of this guy who, after fighting with his girlfriend, climbs over the handrail, turns around and falls backwards to his death.  

On purpose obviously.

Some days, especially my days as Pittsburgh's leading combat promoter, I can relate to this poor bastard. 

This evening as I was climbing out over the same proverbial handrail, created by yet another ridiculous stroke of bad luck, and I received what I thought was a joke text from bantamweight and featherweight Pinnacle FC champion Dom Mazotta volunteering to step up last minute to face off against Bill Hutchinson in used to be our main event.  

Obviously I was skeptical at first, but after a few phone calls and some quick high balling, it looks like this thing just might happen.   We are down to the wire here and I dont believe in miracles but stranger things have happened and I am personally due for some good luck.   

Before you ask, this fight would need to be approved and Mazzotta would need to be licensed by tomorrow along with providing all of the supported medical documentation.   Yes, it sounds like alot but he has most of this already completed for the 2017 season and Sirb views Mazzotta as one of the elite.  There's a shot he pulls the trigger on this. 

Two quick things, if made this is easily the biggest match up that has ever gone done in Pittsburgh in recent years.  Also how big are Dom Mazzotta's balls for legitimately taking this last minute?   

I have no idea where this ride will go but we are willing to follow it out until the end. 

2/25 Pinnacle BC Card and Other "Stuff"

Attention friends, fakers and fuckers alike:

It is my absolute pleasure to let you know that I will be risking my personal financial stability yet again, to bring you another professional boxing production involving some of the more unique personalities in the game today. They say that when you are street smart, money is your report card and lately I’ve been maintaining that GPA at a steady 4.0 so why not risk it with another elective this semester?  At this point you guys have probably gathered that I’m not fucking around and when I say Pinnacle is putting something big together by now you know that I mean it.  

I’m working on something that is such a game changer for me and my merry band of weirdos that I’m still kinda in shock. Which means of course I am also sitting here just waiting for it to fall through.  Aside from my personal expectations of failure and doom-slash- gloom, this thing looks and feels very for real.  Before you ask; Yes, I am being serious and no I can’t say anything yet because of some bullshit about something not happening or whatever.

What I can tell you about right now is this banger of an event we have coming together February 25th and the subsequent card that follows.  In my mostly legal, semi-legendary, kinda shitty but surprisingly successful (Thanks Cody) career as a promoter I have been asked to leave more than a few public spaces.   I chalk it up to part of the growing pains of this thing.  They (the venues) like to complain about occupancy limits and my general disregard for them but I personally like to hang on to the more fun-to-mention facts.  Like for instance I’m almost positive that nothing has been lit on fire to date and so far no one has gotten pregnant during one of the shows.  As far as I know.   With that said, we are going to “The Club” in Monroeville for our next show and the above is the only way I know how to say something without just saying it.

The women in my life have taught me that part.

Our combat community is a growing organism that supports its own and I am happy to be a part of it.  If some venues don’t love us arguing with their ushers about the tickets I screwed up or if you accidentally on purpose pass out somewhere that you should almost certainly be awake at,  who am I to judge?

The fight is going down at “The Club” in Monroeville which is nice a change from it’s usual Friday night venue; the mall.  How long do you think I’ve been sitting on that little gem? Hint: a weirdly long amount of time.  I love that joke and will use it every chance I get.  

And without further babble, here is the card:

Bill Hutchinson is our main event taking on another “tougher than you expect” guy in Jonathan Hernadez.  Hutchinson looks better every fight and Hernadez is a straight forward brawler looking to make things uncomfortable for the Pittsburgh prospect. Hutch has all the tools to be in the national scene at 135 pounds, but a few stars need to collide beforehand.   You'd be safe in surmising that this is arguably the most important fight in Hutchinson's career.

Leemont Johnson is laser beam lefty who beats people in a way that looks so effortless you’ll pull most of the credit from his prospect pile and push it towards the “just a shitty opponent” pile.  Oh, you’re not “that guy” huh?  Of course not, me either.

For the first time in a long time, the words “Gregg Rudolph’s fighting someone in Monroeville” will take on an entirely new meeting.  The Lumberjack is coming into the bout fresh on the hills of his dazzling debut performance against Larry Blakey and is looking to keep that momentum heading downfield against Erick Plumeri. The question is, just how good is Gregg Rudolph?

When I say the world’s greatest exhibition fight of all time, I’m talking about arguably the greatest match-up in the history of combat sports featuring Sam “The Butcher” Suska taking on Rayco “War” Saunders.  I can’t even begin to tell yinz how great this crossing of swords will be for the average boxing fan.  You have one guy who can’t get hit at all competing against a guy who can’t not get hit at least once.  It’s genius.

Dann Cucutta is making his professional boxing debut against homewood’s own Larry Blakey.  You may remember Blakey from his recent shoot out with “The Lumberjack” Gregg Rudolph in what will go down as one of our best match-ups to date.  Cucutta has a deep kickboxing background and was sparring partner to the at one time invincible Roy Jones Jr.  Blakey has been blasting people out at our club a few days a week so if you like fisticuffs, this one has your name all over it.

Another Cherico Martial Arts instructor set to make his professional punching only debut is none other than Khama “The Deathstar” Worthy.   You may remember him from such Pinnacle highlight reels involving his war with Reggie Merriweather or his grudge match against now training partner Francis Healy.  How about the time he KO’d Jacob Butler in Greentree?  Obviously his come from behind stoppage over Tony Castillo is a major talking point.  He will throw hands with fellow Pinnacle FC vet Darnell Pettis in what is probably going to scare your mom when you show her the clips of what you were doing last night.  

“Oh my god ____ they are really hurting each other why would someone want to do that?”

You know exactly what I’m talkin about.

My personal friend and possible spirit animal, Rick “The Pitbull” Borowski is set to make his professional debut in a day that has been a long time coming.   This will be the first time Borowski punches someone in public and ends up being the one getting paid for it.  He will take on MMA vet Dante Adams in what could potentially be something to legitimately worthy of writing home about.  I’m talking about some old school, pugilistic violence that will make you dawn animal skins and pen your loved one a letter on parchment scratched with a fucking feather and some ink in a little jar.

You don’t see D White lacing Jada kiss verses and pointing out how out of touch our parents are about the violence for entertainment market now do you?

Tickets are on sale now and available through your favorite fighter listed above. I’m not even playing around with online tickets for this one mostly because I’m lazy, but also because they benefit from you buying tickets off them.

Khama Worthy Vs. Darnell Pettis Set For Pinnacle BC 2/25


Dear half readers and title skimmers,

It's officially official. I am pleased to tell you that we have put together one of the more interesting boxing match ups in a long while.  Khama Worthy will take on Darnell Pettis in his professional boxing debut under the Pinnacle banner February 25th in Monroeville at "The Club".   Nichole Castillo helped us put this one together which shouldn't be a huge surprise but shout out to her for getting this one together. 

Yes, this is a thunderdome style match up of what will probably end up being an over the top display of violence and spectacle mixed up with 8 oz gloves.  I don’t think I have to remind most of you who Khama Worthy is, but just in case, check out this highlight clip below.

Now for those of you who kinda sorta remember Darnell Pettis, you may remember his huge KO win over Davey Crockett which ended up making the top 20 of Spike Tv’s top 100 knockouts.   You can check that out here.

This is what we are going for here at the Pinnacle labs; head on collisions.   Sure we love the art as much as the next person but let’s not pretend like all of us don’t love a good ol’ fashion shoot out between two guys with a history of delivering chaotic, sometimes disturbing, but mostly violent performances.  

We are known for not fucking around and 2017 will be our year starting off with our biggest card of the year (duh) and here is a little preview of the cast:

Bill Hutchinson has been beating the shit out of everyone in camp (video)

Gregg Rudolph will, for the first time ever, fight someone legally in the great city of Monroeville

Dan Cucutta will be making his professional debut against Larry Blakey

Khama Worthy Vs. Darnell Pettis - Obviously

Leemont Johnson - If you don’t know, you will know.

Rayco Saunders and Sam The Butcher Suska in what will be the biggest, most amazing drama show you’ve ever desired in a no holds bar fight to the death exhibition bout.

Pinnacle Boxing Presents Friday Night Fights In The Southside This Weekend:

We’ve been staying busy over here at the Pinnacle labs as of late and that is mostly because if we don’t a couple of us resort to drinking excessively, recreational drug use and random acts of violence.  And by a “couple of us”, I mean all of us - allegedly of course.

What can I say, when you’re wired like this, boredom can be dangerous.

So to prevent this potential situation from becoming more rampant than need be, we keep ourselves busy with projects like cagefighting, shooting various mechanized weapons and playing around on the interwebs.  

You know, normal people shit.

In a few short days, we will bring to you a solid boxing amateur card featuring most of the best guys in tahn throwing way harder than you expect all for the low, low price of $20 a ticket.

We’re practically giving these away.

This card is chalked full of “oh shit” type match ups and a couple “didn’t even think he’d take that” style affairs.

I know this is more or less status quo for us at this point, but this article wouldn’t have the same appeal if I said “The same as all the other times, just different”. Don’t forget that this card is at the Sokol Club in the Southside because our last venue decided to call us last minute and pull the plug on everything because of, believe it or not, this website and a higher than anticipated attendance at our last show.

Chalk it up to growing pains I guess?

Anyway; here is the card in all it’s magical glory below, along with some notations provided by yours truly:

Ed Bohler vs Bryan Gedeon: heavyweight Masters 3-1 min rounds - The “masters” division means that these gentlemen are over the age of 35.  Which used to seem unbelievable old until I turned 33 this year and now it seems unbelievably close.

Max Leasock(Kastle boxing) vs Nate Young (board's boxing): 15-16 yr old 150 lbs, 3-2 min

Morgan Bruinsma (Erie Boxing) vs Alexa Muselin( Brownson House): Open 145 lbs 3-2 min

Gordon Kirkland(Erie Boxing) vs Neiamiah Hollingern(Pittsburgh Boxing Club) 15-16 yr old 130 lbs, 3-2 min

Orlando Ellis (Kastle Boxing) vs Maxim Yanovich (WVU Boxing) novice 170 lbs 3-2 min - Yanovich has a unique style that you don’t see too often around these parts.  Prepare for half of the crowd to be puzzled and the other half to gawk in amazement. Either way be prepared to be 100% entertained.

Steve Cunningham Jr. vs Vince Austin (The Foundation) 14-15 yr old, 120 lbs, 3-2 min - Cunningham is son to active veteran Steve Cunningham Sr. who has fought all over the world against some of the best in the game. It’s not going to shock you when I tell you his son is pretty damn sharp himself.

Shamar Fulton vs Josh Mook, open 141 lbs 3-3 min rounds

Josh Fremd (Uniontown Fight Club/Boyce) vs Daryl Edwards (3rd Ave)novice, 200 lbs, 3-2 - Josh Fremd is coming in fresh off his shocking stoppage win over the very talented Kyle Holt who in his defense, stepped up to the plate last minute and at every conceivable disadvantage.  Fremd is on a roll right now and looking to keep that momentum going against Edwards.  Don’t be surprised if this one is tougher than you think, Edwards can fight his ass off.

Fadi Shuman (Mat Factory) vs Tyler Ainscough (Wellsburg), novice, 152 lbs - If you fell in love with Fadi Shuman, like most of us, did following his wars with Isaiah Williams, Nick Browne, Anthony Romero and the like, then you will be happy to know that his style hasn’t changed much.  The nicest guy in the game always comes to fight way harder than you’d expect from dude who is so polite he should consider teaching a class in etiquette.  Ainscough is a very tough kid who is looking to build some momentum with a win over a well known guy like Shuman.  This is probably the sleeper fight of the night.

Sylvio Cercone(51 Boxing ) vs Isaiah Guy(Uniontown Fight Club), 15-16 yrs old, 135 lbs, 3-2 min - At 16 Cercone is a veteran as far as amateurs go which is great because I have been hearing nothing but good things about Guy so it will be very interesting to see what happens in this one.

Co- Main Event

Teddy Mrkonja Jr.(51 Boxing) vs Danny Bodish(Steel City Boxing) open, 130 lbs, 3-3 min rounds - So you know how we tend to think of today’s youth as being softer than we remember? It kinda feels like every kid sub 17 feels like a huge pussy compared to “when we were kids”?  Well if you’re nodding in agreement right now, you will be happy to know that both Mrkonja and Bodish are exceptions to today’s sissified rule.  Both of these men are barely old enough to vote but will beat the dogshit out of most of the current population young and old alike.  These kids come to fight. Period. End of sentence.  No seriously, it’s the end of the sentence, but I also mean they come to fight and ending it with “period” ads a dramatic effect..  You get the point.

Main Event

Rich Cantolina (Cherico Martial Arts) vs Scott Perhach(Brownson House)open 160 lbs, 3-3 min rounds

These two have been circling each other for awhile and the dislike for each other has gone digital at this point.  A few “accidentally on-purpose” after the bell punches can make anyone a touch salty and here we are, a main event with more salt than the dead sea (it’s the saltiest ocean for you lazy bastards who won’t google to see how clever I am).  This is one of those fights that pretty much has to happen so why not here and why not now?  Styles make fights and not only do these gentlemen dress alike, they also have contrasting styles that should make this thing a shoot out from the bell.   Factor in that they just genuinely dislike each other for whatever reason *Cough Facebook comment section + Cheap shots = good enough for me* and we have a main event with some heat.  

Tickets are available at the door and the first bell is at 7:15ish.  Remember, this card is going down at the Sokol Club: 2912 E Carson St, Pittsburgh, PA 15203

The Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Care About Mark Cherico vs. Antonio Castillo Jr.

It's finally signed. 

That probably has to be the thought process of Mark Cherico and Antonio Castillo Jr. heading into their fight at Pinnacle FC 15 on Friday night, but they can't forget that they still have a fight that actually needs to happen. 

It's a fight that fans and both fighters have wanted for years and it's a little early Christmas present from your friends at Pinnacle FC just before the holidays. 

Check out why you should care about this fight below.

5 - Cherico switched things up

With a 10-1 record and being fully recommitted to the sport, Cherico had to switch some things up heading into this camp to help get that bump to the next level. So he traveled across the country to train with Cody Garbrandt and Urijah Faber at Team Alpha Male in Sacramento for just over a week in the prime of his training camp.

"I've been training hard," Cherico said. "Got out of my comfort zone a lot to push myself. I'm excited to step back in the Pinnacle FC cage and get this win. I don't really have anything negative to say at this point; we're both signed to fight December 17th so we'll do just that."

4 - Castillo needs a win

Last year before his Pinnacle FC debut, Castillo was one of the hottest fighters in the area, with five straight wins and three straight stoppages. Then he dominated Khama Worthy for two full rounds, before he got involved in a firefight in the third round and eventually got knocked out.

He followed that loss up with a loss against Julian Lane in April, and here we are. A man backed up against a wall is a dangerous man, and you'd better believe that Castillo is ready to get the sour taste of defeat out of his mouth, and he'd like nothing better than to do it against Cherico. 

3 - Who's stronger?

One of the most underrated aspects of Cherico's game is his raw power, which he honed in his previous power lifting career before entering MMA. Just look at his legs and tell me that dude couldn't squat an elephant if he wanted to.

With that being said, Castillo has a knack for putting opponents on their back and keeping them there. Just try and hold any grown man down for any period of time, let alone a trained fighting machine who wants to knock you out. Castillo has made a career on being a dominant tank in a state that breeds hard-nosed wrestlers in a way similar to how California breeds Kardashians. 

2 - They just plain don't like each other

Finally, we get some trash talk! With all of the history between these two we knew it was bound to happen, but it's finally happened. While Cherico has been attempting to avoid the trash talk, Castillo went ahead and threw out some of his own:


Still, Cherico refuses to bite. His only response was this:

All I see is a desperate attempt to rile me up from a scared & nervous individual......#stayclasslessmyfriend

My popcorn is popped.

1 - The breakdown

Much like many matchups of top-level grapplers, this one will probably come down to which fighter has the edge on the feet. Both have shown serious punching power throughout their careers, and let's not forget that Castillo cracked Worthy a few times in their fight to open up the shot for the takedown. He's also been training with Scott Sheeley for this fight, who is one of the more noted striking coaches in the sport. 

Cherico's best striking performance was probably when he fought Donny Walker. He really opened up in that fight, and showed a different fighter to earn the TKO. He was also impressive against Nate Landwehr in much the same way.

Both guys have top level wrestling for the sport, but I'm betting that they'll be tempted to just stand in the middle of the mat and just punch each other's faces in. And I wouldn't be opposed. 

Here's the lineup for Pinnacle FC 15 this weekend:

Pinnacle FC heads into the heart of Pittsburgh this weekend for its 15th edition, as Teamsters Hall in Lawrenceville will play host to the festivities. 

Tickets are extremely limited, and we'll probably end up breaking some fire codes or something, but the night isn't fun unless you've got people trying to tell you that no more people will fit in the building, and if you try to fit any more then you'll probably get the cops called on you.

But if you can't make it in person, FloCombat will have the moving pictures with David McKinney and Jesse Saxon on commentary. 

You've probably heard some of the fights leak out by now, but here's the entire lineup of what to expect this weekend.


Dominic Mazzotta vs. Solon Staley. This is the main event, and it's for Mazzotta's featherweight title. Dom is riding an 8-fight winning streak and is 5-0 while fighting for Pinnacle. He's about a half heartbeat from signing with the UFC, so this may be your last chance to see him on the local scene. Staley is a known finisher who comes up from South Carolina as the No. 1 ranked featherweight in that state.

Mark Cherico vs. Antonio Castillo Jr. You probably don't need much background on this one. Cherico just got back from training with Cody Garbrandt at Team Alpha Male in Sacramento, and he's all in looking to make the jump to the next level. Castillo has lost a couple against top-flight competition in his last two outings, but he's still one of the toughest sumbitches out there and you just know he wants to put another blemish on Mark's record. Tony has also apparently been training with top level trainer Scott Sheeley leading up to this fight.

Nick Browne vs. John Gunther. I feel like this fight is happening probably a 100 years too late, because these guys both remind me of the old time boxers you used to hear about at the turn of the century. Don't be surprised if this last minute addition steals the show.

Frankie Festa vs. John Antanitis. Here we have two guys who don't like each other for whatever reason. Apparently they used to train together and didn't get along that well then either. Oh and they happen to fight in the same weight class so why not throw on a crosstown grudge match just for good measure on the biggest fight card of the year.

James Pfeiffer vs. Jose Martinez. Both of these guys had lengthy and successful amateur careers and are finally making their respective pro debuts. Pfeiffer trains at Evolve and is part of that group of perhaps the best up and coming fighters in the area. Martinez is built like a tank and tested himself against the best as an amateur. Both of these guys will go far in this sport.


Mike Walters vs. Sean Felton. The 18 year old Walters fights for the 11th time this year. No, that's not a typo. While he's suffered a few setbacks, he still has a well rounded game and his length is tough for anyone to deal with. Felton looks to bounce back from a couple of losses as he continues to face the toughest competition he can find coming all the way from New York.

Emme Weber vs. Meghan Williams. Williams is the local product here repping Stout Training as she finally makes her debut after a couple of opponents have backed out. Weber also comes from New York and has already earned a couple of TKO wins. Fun fact: she went to the same high school as Kyle Rozewski of all people.

Ross Holub vs. Malek Mahmoud. Mark Cherico protege Holub fights for the second time after impressing in September. Mahmoud comes from Eastern PA looking to pick up his first win.

Nick Hewitt vs. Josh Moyer. Hewitt represents High Ground BJJ and Uniontown Fight Club so you know he'll be tough in this heavyweight fight. He won his first fight via TKO in just 27 seconds last year. Moyer is a former high school wrestler as well and is a local product from Pittsburgh.

Jennifer Moreale vs. TBD. Jennifer doesn't have an opponent right now but she reps Uniontown Fight Club and is a tough cookie.

The Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Care About Dominic Mazzotta vs. Solon Staley

Conor McGregor who? While The Notorious is taking on all comers at all weights in the UFC, there's a fighter who's perhaps just as talented who is doing the same thing on a local level. 

With two Pinnacle FC belts around his waist, Mazzotta will defend his featherweight title for the first time after crushing Keith Richardson to defend the bantamweight belt in September. 

In steps the upset-minded Solon Staley, who comes up from South Carolina looking to take Mazzotta's belt and neck back to the sunshine-y south with him on Sunday morning. 

Check out a breakdown of why you should care about this matchup below.

5 - Both guys are proven finishers

Staley has 11 wins, and just 1 of them have come via decision. He has 7 submissions, and three via knockout or TKO. Looking even further, all of his submission wins have come via choke - four via guillotine and three via rear naked choke. 

Not to be outdone, Mazzotta has 9 submissions and 1 knockout. 7 of those are rear naked chokes, and he also has 1 via arm bar, and 1 guillotine. His knockout was a nasty head kick over Jeremiah Yeager in his second pro bout.

4 - Mazzotta is just that good

If you're surprised that Mazzotta isn't in the UFC yet, join the club. After his latest win in a string of impressive wins in September, fans chanted "UFC," and that's honestly where he belongs at this point. He works harder than just about anybody in the sport, and he's been dominant against the toughest competition that Pinnacle FC can throw in front of him. Don't count on being able to see Mazzotta fight locally in 2017. 

3 - Staley is ranked No. 1

According to Tapology, Staley is the top ranked featherweight in all of South Carolina, and he's ranked No. 12 in all of the Southeast. In short, he's a dangerous opponent who has just as much hype surrounding him in the south as Mazzotta does up here in the north.

2 - Shiny gold

One has to wonder where Mazzotta keeps all of the hardware he's won through his MMA career. Does he have to rent extra storage space, or does he just hand out belts like candy canes on Christmas to anyone who crosses his path? This is his fifth title fight as a pro, and he's 4-0 in such fights thus far. He's also won all four via submission in case you were counting.

Staley won a title back in 2013, but I'm betting he'll be clearing a space on his mantle for a matching belt before he makes the trek up to Pittsburgh this weekend.

1 - The breakdown

This is yet another intriguing style matchup. Staley is built like a tank, at 5'5" and 145 pounds. His build reminds me a lot of another former Mazzotta opponent, Justin King. 

Staley also fights in a style similar to King. He loves to throw two power punches and follow a big right hand in for a double leg attempt. While he has a well-rounded game, he loves to use his power to outmuscle opponents. On the feet, his head movement is good, but he wings punches from his hips a bit much. On the ground, he's adept enough off of his back to avoid submissions, and he's extremely difficult to finish, as no opponent has been able to stop him thus far. 

His best move is probably that guillotine, as he likes to grab it on an opponent's failed shot, and he has enough raw power to not gas out his arms before cutting off the air flow. 

Mazzotta loves to throw his head kick, and perhaps the most underrated aspect of his game is his athleticism. His kicks in general are his best weapon on his feet, and that probably dates back to his taekwando background. 

One of the areas where "The Honey Badger" has really improved is his wrestling. Against Keith Richardson, he was able to dump him multiple times and passed the guard like butter on the ground. He's an elite grappler on the ground, and is smart enough to avoid the choke attempts of Staley.